PP woven bag big capacity with zipper
Use Rpet bag to save our future

Many of the products created by Onya Innovations come from clean, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPet). But what exactly is it, you may ask? We break down rPet and why you should be using it to promote your business.

What is rPet?

rPet is a combination of two monomers called modified ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid, and is essentially recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are often used once and then discarded into non-recycled rubbish, joining the thousands of others piling up on farms and land across Australia. We can eliminate almost 6 square metres of landfill space for every tonne of recycled rPet, according to the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).

As well as this, every pound (almost half of a kilogram) of recycled rPet that’s used decreases greenhouse gas emission by 71 per cent and energy use by 84 per cent, according to NAPCOR. This is an outstanding result and a strong indicator of the positive outcome of using recycled items.

rPet is a durable product that can be re-moulded and re-shaped into new products. This is where Onya Innovations comes in – we reuse old bottles that would otherwise negatively effect the environment and bring them back to the consumer in sleek, useful items such as sandwich wraps and shopping bags.

What can you do to contribute?

The bottles that get thrown into ordinary garbage bins tends to find themselves on the top of disposal heaps and lying on the bottom of the ocean floor all too often – negatively affecting the lives of other living species on our planet. Every year over 100,000 whales, seals, birds and turtles are killed by plastic rubbish, according to Living Smart.

We can prevent this. By choosing to place unwanted plastic bags and bottles into recycling bins rather than general waste, Onya Innovations can continue to recycle and reproduce these bags and bottles, keeping the dangerous items away from unsuspecting animals and providing consumers with high quality products they can use time and again.

To take action further, we encourage individuals to purchase items that can be re-used from the outset – such as our sandwich wraps, coffee cups and shopping bags – and cut out the use of single-use plastic altogether. Not only will this benefit you economically by avoiding regular purchase costs, you will also be contributing positively to the environment and helping us to eliminate the dangerous and unsightly reality that is plastic landfill.

Why should you use it in your promotional?

Being eco-friendly is a highly applauded notion for businesses to take, as it promotes their brand as being one which is generally concerned about the welfare of our planet’s animals and environment. By aligning your brand name with sustainable resources, you are sharing with your consumers and potential customers that your brand is one of trust and nobility – two key attributes that can make a business succeed.

Our products are made from 100 per cent sustainable, high-quality materials that come in a variety of colours to suit your business’s colour palette – perfectly complementing your campaign.

According to Ipsos, a global independent marketing research company, 46 per cent of respondents said that they are more likely to make a purchase of something that is environmentally friendly with 41 per cent stating they would spend more on a service or product that is environmentally friendly.

Regardless of the kind of business you run, aligning your brand with a movement that so many people are conscious of and work their purchases around can help you to appeal to a wider audience. You’ll gain respect for being actively involved in the creation of a greener planet, as well as a peaceful mind.